Will Stauffer

Data Scientist will@willstauffer.com

Hi, I'm Will!

I currently work at the intersection of climate science and finance.
I also make videos and photos.



Machine Learning Engineer

Web app that predicts river flow

Python | Scikit-learn | Heroku | PostgreSQL | TensorFlow

  • ​Built in two weeks. Interfaced with USGS and NOAA APIs to generate live predictions.
  • Developed a neural network machine learning model to predict river flow.
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    Street Smarts

    Data Engineer

    Web app that helps car shoppers compare price and carbon emissions.

    Python | Scikit-learn | AWS | PostgreSQL | FastAPI | TensorFlow

  • ​Built from scratch in eight weeks by a remote cross-functional team of nine people
  • Engineered​ an API. Developed, tuned, and deployed a machine learning model to predict price
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    May 2020-June 2020

    River Permit Checker


    River Permit Checker texts a user as soon as a hard-to-get cancellation permit is available.

    Python | Twilio | JavaScript

  • Interfaced with the Recreation.gov API to return a current list of available permits
  • Successfully obtained permits with less than a 1/40 chance of success in the original lottery
  • June 2020


    Machine Learning Engineer

    Incognito tab for Spotify.

    Python | Scikit-learn | Flask | Heroku

  • Built in one week by a remote cross-functional team of seven people
  • Trained a neural network and architected a recommendation engine
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    April 2020

    Predicting Boat Prices

    Data scientist

    Exploring a client's Google Analytics data using machine learning.

    Python | Google Analytics | Scikit-learn | Flask | Heroku

  • Used sales data from a client to create a deployed machine learning model
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    March 2020


    Programming Languages & Tools
  • Python, Pandas, NumPy, SQL, Jupyter, Git, Keras, OOP, machine learning and statistics
  • Developed web apps with AWS services like Elastic Beanstalk and RDS
  • Worked with remote, cross-functional teams using Slack, Zoom, and agile methodology